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Top 7 excellent reasons to leave your job immediatly

by Lexie Holmes
leave your job immediatly

leaving job

Some people are constantly moving from one job to another. While others are always putting off sending their letter of resignation or requesting a contractual separation. It’s impossible to find the right time to leave your job and find a new one.
Yet, if the time is right, changing jobs can have multiple virtues. Career advancement, better salary or leaving an uncomfortable situation: there are many reasons to leave your company. But you need to identify them and be aware of the possibilities available to you.
The decision to leave your job is not an easy one. There are factors that can make you want to stay, even if you don’t feel like you belong. To help you know when to quit, we offer 10 good reasons to leave your current job.

I am blocked in my career


leaving job

Companies do not necessarily offer satisfactory development opportunities to each of their employees, and as a result, letters of resignation from permanent contracts are relatively frequent. This is the case, for example, in certain SMEs that offer a limited number of positions to be filled. It can also be linked to the presence of a boss who will remain in his position for a long time, blocking his successor for a long time. It is also possible when too many candidates are fighting for the same opportunities for advancement. In all cases, individuals who want to advance in their careers are generally better off applying for a higher position with another employer. In some cases, it is easier and faster to move up the ladder by changing companies: there are more opportunities for advancement in the job market than within one’s own company.

I have accumulated enough experience leaving job

You chose this job to learn, to progress, to build your experience. After a few years, it’s over. At this point, it may be time to look for another position to take your learning skills to the next level. This reflection is especially important for young workers in their first job. This learning experience is not meant to last forever. It is therefore necessary to have the courage to send a letter of resignation from a comfortable permanent position. Especially if, after a few years, you are still considered the new kid on the block and are given the less interesting tasks. When you feel that you have made the most of a job, and provided you don’t want to blow it, it can be useful to leave your company to learn again.

I can no longer work with my manager leaving job

Divergences, misunderstandings, conflicts… Problems between an employee and his or her manager are part of professional life. However, sometimes the hierarchical relationship deteriorates to such an extent that the best solution for the employee is to look for work elsewhere to benefit from a less stressful work environment. When an employee is in open conflict with his or her boss, it is not only the work environment that becomes more difficult. A manager may tend to withhold interesting files from a team member with whom he or she has a difficult relationship. Above all, this manager may block the employee’s prospects for development, which puts the employee in a difficult situation. In this case, it is preferable to leave the company. Even if you leave with the unpleasant feeling of proving him right…

I don’t get a raise leaving job

For several times already, your requests for a raise have been rejected. This is a good reason to send your letter of resignation from a permanent or fixed-term contract. Such refusals can be justified by the economic situation, the company’s priorities or the preferences of your manager. Explanations that are more or less easily understood by the employee. But, in all cases, the result is the same: your salary stagnates, to your great regret.

If you really feel bad about this situation, it’s time to think about leaving. Making a salary jump between jobs is extremely common. By applying to a new employer, you regain negotiating leeway, particularly in terms of salary, that you had lost with your hierarchy.

I should earn much more


leaving job

Even if you receive regular raises, you may not be truly satisfied with your salary. It may also be well below market. This can be the case when your salary was set at a low level when you were hired. Despite your manager’s openness, it is still difficult to make up for the initial delay. If you are unable to achieve your goal by staying in your position, taking a new position in the job market by sending a letter of resignation is the best solution. This makes it easier for you to sell your experience at the market price, which you assess from data in the press or from discussions with your peers. You can then start again on a much more interesting basis.

My colleagues are leaving one by one


leaving job

When the rats leave the ship, the shipwreck may be near. But you have to take the measure of the phenomenon. The colleagues with whom you have worked for years are one by one going off on a tangent for other horizons? You should ask them to find out what motivates them. Just like them, you are perhaps at a turning point in your career. It is up to you to send your letter of resignation from your permanent job or your letter of resignation from a fixed-term contract.

This is even more noticeable when the team is made up of employees with roughly the same experience. The parallel between your career paths is all the more relevant. In addition, it is important to look to the future: being the last survivor of a bygone era is not necessarily the most comfortable position to hold in a team.

My company is sinking leaving job

Not all workers have access to the same level of information about the health of their company. But when the company is really in bad shape, it becomes difficult for management to hide the reality for very long. And when that happens, employees have every incentive to run for their lives and find a job elsewhere. First of all, it is extremely painful to work in a company that is going under: the atmosphere is getting worse, the outlook is getting dimmer and every day is like a countdown. Secondly, by sending your letter of resignation before the others, you can look for a new job before your colleagues and avoid finding yourself in competition with them on the job market.

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