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Human Resources Manager – Job File

by Lexie Holmes
human resources manager
The Human Resources Manager (HRM) is committed to coordinating the company’s strategic decisions in terms of human resources. He/she monitors personnel files and manages individual skills in order to capitalize on them and anticipate changes.

What is the role of a human resources manager?

The human resources manager’s role is to coordinate, develop and manage all personnel administration, to plan the growth of the company’s workforce, and to provide all his or her knowledge to the operational staff. The Human Resources Manager is also known as the Human Resources Manager.

human resources manager

What is the salary of a human resources manager?

There are several factors that impact the salary. Indeed, the number of years of experience, seniority or the sector of activity are parameters that determine the level of compensation.

The average salary for a human resources director in the U.S. is $80,663, according to data provided by Glassdoor, while the Bureau of Labor Statistics shows a significantly higher average of $102,780. According to Payscale.com, 90 percent of HR director salaries are below $88,000, while the lowest paid 10 percent earn less than $41,000. The average salary for a human resources manager on Payscale is about $61,000. The combined average from these three sources is $81,481.

What are the missions of the human resources manager?

human resources manager

The HR manager is involved in setting up and defining the company’s HR strategy. On the basis of the resources managed, he/she implements the flagship projects in accordance with the company’s HR strategy and the expectations of the operational staff.

The HR manager is also responsible for responding to requests from the company’s operational staff regarding labor law, employment contracts, compensation, etc. He or she supports decision-makers in the application of labor law, in the development of skills and in the deployment of the company’s teams (recruitment, training, career management, etc.).

The responsibilities of the HR manager may vary according to the structure in which he/she works. It can also be actions of internal communication, the process of integration and evolution of the collaborators.

What are the essential skills?

Human Resources Manager

The job of HR manager requires specific technical skills, among which versatility in human resources management (recruitment, training, social law, labor law, etc.). He/she must have a good economic and financial culture, as well as a strategic knowledge of his/her company.

Good communication skills are required to establish a good relationship with internal and external contacts. With a strong ability to listen, he/she shows both flexibility and firmness in dealing with staff. Persuasive, negotiating and suggestive, he/she knows how to get his/her ideas and projects across and easily accepted.

A great sense of organization is also essential to ensure a good follow-up of all projects related to the HR strategy.

What training is required for this position?

To occupy this position, it is generally necessary to have a bachelor’s degree in human resources management, law, sociology, psychology or social sciences. Ideally, you should have studied at a business school or university, with a specialization in human resources.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of being an HR manager?

+ Advantages:

  • Key position in the company
  • Work with all branches of the company
  • Referent for all employees

– Disadvantages:

  • Management of internal conflicts
  • Management of certain dismissals

Where does the HR manager’s career take him/her?

The HR manager most often works in the HR department of a company. They may change structure according to market realities. They can easily move from one company to another, or turn to a position as a consultant and/or work as a freelancer.

The position most often sought after the HR manager is that of HRD (Human Resources Director).

However, the job of HR manager has evolved over time, becoming anchored in the management and steering of the human resources division. It requires anticipation and understanding of changes. Experienced professionals can then turn to interim HR management assignments.

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