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Do you want to know good LinkedIn profile tips 2020 for job seekers at freshers as well as experienced level ? Do you want your linked profile to be instantly noticed by employers ?

Then, you have landed on right article where you will get lots of good LinkedIn profile tips 2020 for job seekers at freshers as well as experienced level.

When you are not searching for a job, it can become easy to ignore your LinkedIn profile.

Sure, you add persons you meet at networking events as contacts and accept invitations as they arrive, but everything else?

Eh, you’ll get to do it when you are supposed to.

While we certainly do not recommend this approach (hey, your Dream Company recruiter offers to find you and give you a job; it can happen), we think that many times.

good linkedin profile tips 2020 for job seekers at freshers as well as experienced level.
Good Linkedin profile tips 2020 for job seekers at freshers as well as experienced level | SkillsIdea

We have listed down some amazing good LinkedIn profile tips 2020 for job seekers at freshers as well as experienced level.

Here, we’ve compiled everything you should be aware of – from creating a stunning summary to selling your achievements, skills and projects in one place.

Read on for expert-backed ways to seriously brighten your profile — and start getting noticed by employers.

Here is the list of Good LinkedIn Profile Tips 2020 for Job seekers at freshers as well as experienced level.

Tip #1. Put in time to make it awesome

Simply put, the more you complete your profile, the better position the recruiters will get. So, perfection is important from that point of view. This is also important after finding a recruiter and has decided to click on your profile: he wants to know what your skills are, where you’ve worked, and what people think of you. Therefore, do not lazy every section of your profile. Good News? LinkedIn actually measures the “completeness” of your profile as you work and gives suggestions on how to make it stronger.

Tip #2. Get a custom URL

It is much easier to promote your profile with a customized URL (ideally LinkedIn/Renamed), rather than a clunky combination of digitally assigned digits when you sign up. How to get one? On the Edit Profile window, at the bottom of the gray window showing your basic information, you will see a public profile URL. Click “Edit” next to the URL, and specify what you like your address to be. When you have finalized your URL, click Set Custom URL.

Tip #3. Choose a great photo

Choose a clear, friendly and appropriately professional image, and pop that child up. Not sure what “reasonably professional” means? Pay attention to what your target company, industry sector, or occupational level people are wearing. That match. (Pro tip: “If you can show yourself in action, do it”, says a blogger who experimented with several LinkedIn photos to see who attracted the most attention.) ” A photo can go a long way to convey passion, energy, charisma., Empathy, and other soft skills that are difficult to write about.

Tip #4. Write a headline that Rocks

Your title is not your job title and company – in fact, especially if you are looking for a job, it should not be. Instead, use that space in your specialty, value proposition, or your “what is it?” It will be impactful if you specify details smarty to create it completely different from other potential candidates.

Tip #5. Use Your Target Job Description to Your Advantage

Take a look at the job descriptions of the posts you’re after, and dump them into a cloud tool like Word. See the words that stand out? When they are looking for people like you, what are they looking for. Make sure that those words and phrases are placed correctly in your summary and experience.

Tip #6. Do not waste summary space

“Ideally, your summary should be about 3-5 short paragraphs long, preferably with a bulleted section in the middle. It should walk the reader through your work passion, key skills, unique abilities and a list of the various industries that have had exposure for years. ” – Career Horizon

Tip #7. Use numbers up-front

“You should highlight past achievements in likedin profile summary to grab quick attention. Whenever possible, include case studies and numbers and that prove your successful past work experience. For example, social media consultant and speaker Wayne Breitberth in his summary quickly established credibility with her audience in her second sentence: ‘I have helped over 40,000 businessmen — from entry-level to CEO — understand how to understand LinkedIn effectively.’ The power of some key statistics to impress the reader. ” – American Express Open Forum

Tip #8. Warm welcome

“The summary section is your first opportunity to showcase the good things about you, keeping in mind your target audience. Give them a little chance to know you. So do you think that if you make your summary like some long, pompous speech, then the first impression is made. Or worse, craft it in third person? They are gonna excuse you. And it is getting harder for that reviewer to feel about your personality and style. You stay here Keep the brand message in line with all your other commercial marketing materials, but realize that LinkedIn is a platform for interaction. ” – JobJenny

Tip #9. Avoid Buzzwords Like the Plague

What is responsible, creative, effective, analytical, strategic, patient, expert, organizational, driven and innovative? They are some of the most used buzzwords on all of LinkedIn. Come — we know you can be more creative!

Tip #10. Think of your profile as your resume

Your resume is not just a list of job duties (or, at least, it should not be) – it is a place to highlight your best achievements. The same goes for your LinkedIn profile: make sure your experience section coincides with bullet points that describe what you did, how well you did it and who influenced it.

Tip #11. But use the first person

You shouldn’t use the first one on your resume, but it’s really okay to do it on LinkedIn (Example: “I’m a passionate development officer who raised $ 400,000 for cancer donations last year”.

Tip #12. Get Personal

“Your profile is not a resume or CV. Write as if you are interacting with someone. Inject your personality. Let people know your values ​​and feelings. In your LinkedIn profile summary, mention what you did outside of work that you want your audience to be aware of ” – Forbes

Tip #13. Show your achievements

Employers invest many hours on LinkedIn searching for top performers. And when they find him, he said that the high performers. Knowing this, you would be well served to market yourself as a high performer in your Summary and Experience section (consider that the words, achievements, are talking about the projects you were promoted Is or hand-selected for projects).

Tip #14. Enter a current job, even when unemployed

“If you put only previous conditions in the experience section but currently show nothing, you will probably miss most searches. Why? Because most recruiting professionals use the current title box exclusively to search for candidates; Otherwise they would have to sort through thousands of candidates who held a certain role (for example, graphic designer) until 20 years or more ago. If you are unemployed, the simple workaround is to create a dummy job list in the current section, in which the job title (s) you are including – full-time student / financial analyst in training – followed by a phrase Like ‘in transition’ or ‘looking for a new opportunity’ in the company name box. “University of Washington

Tip #15. Add Multimedia to Your Summary

“A picture is really worth 1,000 words, especially when it comes to showing off your work. LinkedIn lets you add photos, videos and slide show presentations to your profile summary. So instead of just talking about your work, you can show examples. Or show yourself in action. Or share a presentation. , Click Edit Profile, scroll down to your summary, then click on the box symbol, then add file ‘.

Tip #16. And Your Work Experience

You can do the same thing for each of your work experiences. Therefore, use it to your advantage: add your company’s website, projects you’ve worked on, articles you’ve drafted, or something else that can give your work a more multimedia look.

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Tip #17. Add projects, volunteer experiences or languages

do you speak Mandarin? Have a Project Management Certification? Volunteer to dress for success every weekend? Adding these “extra” profile features (listed on the left when you are editing your profile) is a great way to showcase your unique skills and experiences and stand out from the crowd.

Tip #18. Request a LinkedIn Recommendation one month

When someone highlights, “You did a wonderful job on that assignment!” Ask that person to take a snapshot of that success by putting a recommendation on LinkedIn. And don’t be afraid to specify who you are like a recommender to focus on. Getting generic recommendations that say “Lee was great to work with” are not very useful – but some specific ones like, “Lee’s contribution to the project enabled us to raise an estimated savings of 5% on our original plan. Made ”will really demonstrate your strength.

Tip #19. But Make Them Strategic

“Create a strategic plan for your recommendations,” says career expert Nicole Williams of LinkedIn. “Try to approach variety of people and share extra-ordinaryskills or experiences you want to be highlighted.”

Tip #20. Don’t be afraid to take the recommendations you need

Let’s be honest, don’t get every LinkedIn recommendation that is beautifully written or even relevant to your professional success. Fortunately, the platform now sends you recommendations before going public, and you can decide to add them to your profile, dismiss them, or simply allow them to be reduced to their pending status. You can manage the recommendations already on your profile by clicking the “Edit” icon on that section and toggling on each to “Show” or “Hide”. If it is close, but not quite right, you can also request a modification from the one who wrote it.

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Tip #21. Manage Your Endorsements

Advertising can be a great way to showcase your skills – as long as your profile is not overloaded with too many to send the right message. The secret to making them work for you keeps your skills updated: As you transition between careers, develop new skills, or take on new responsibilities, drop old skills from your profile and add those Are the ones you really want to know. Now, when connections come to your page, they see only the most relevant skills.

Tip #22. Update Your Status

For example, on Facebook, you can update your LinkedIn status as many times as you want. Like this! Update it professionally and strategically (share the article you wrote, not what you ate for lunch today), ideally once a week. Your entire network will see your updates, in their news feeds, and in the weekly LinkedIn Network update emails that they receive.

Tip #23. Become a writer

All users can write and publish their work on the platform. Share your perspective on what’s happening in your field, weigh in on recent industry developments, or show off your skills as a writer. This is a great way.

Tip #24. Or Add Your Blog

If you have a WordPress blog, automatically publish your new posts to LinkedIn using plugins such as Social Media Auto Publish or WP LinkedIn Auto Publish.

Tip #25. Become a groupie

LinkedIn groups are one of the wonderful resources and they can prove significant while searching job. By joining groups relevant to your profession or industry, you will show that you are engaged in your field. But even more importantly, you will immediately connect with people and remain part of relevant discussions in your area – such as an ongoing, online networking event.

Tip #26. Has at least 50 connections

Having 50 or fewer connections on LinkedIn, tells recruiters one of three things: 1) you’re a recluse, who knows very few people, 2) you’re crazy about connecting with others, or 3 ) Technology and social media are scary for you. None of this is good. We’re certainly not suggesting that you need to be one of those yogis who wear “an unusually large number of connections” like a badge of honor, but you really need at least 50-100 people. With whom you are connected as a beginner point.

Tip #27. But don’t add people you don’t know

If enough people reject your request and say they don’t know you, LinkedIn can close your account.

Tip #28. Don’t Go Overboard

LinkedIn has to offer with all the bells and whistles, and without being limited by 8.5×11 “limited to your resume, it can be tempting, well, go crazy. And while the details are good, definitely. There is one thing as too much from. Step back, take a look at your profile, and see what it looks like to an outsider. Is it tempting or heavy? Edit accordingly.

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Tip #29. Put Your Job Search Under Wrap

“Many users are unware of the fact tge LinkedIn has privacy settings – for one important reason. ‘When you’re looking for a new job, and actively engaged in your current job, you want to be indiscriminate,” [ Nicole] Williams explains. ‘A telltale sign for employers that you are leaving is that you overhaul your profile, connect with recruiters and have new arrivals. You can tailor your settings so that your current employer doesn’t observe that you are hunting for other job. ‘It’s easy to find privacy settings: just sign in, and then choose’ Settings’ from the drop-down menu, where your name appears in the upper right corner. ” – LearnVest

Tip #30. Make Sure People Can Find You

Don’t forget to add your email address (or blog, or Twitter handle, or anywhere else you want to find) in the contact information section of your resume. You’d be surprised how many people leave this!

Tip #31. Be Excited

At the end of the day, the most exciting people to hire are the people who are most excited about what they do. So, make sure that your LinkedIn profile reflects your enthusiasm. Join and participate in groups related to your area of ​​expertise. Use your status line to announce goods related to your area. Share interesting articles or news. Connect with leaders in your industry. Hoist your cheerleader flag.

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