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Dream Job: Create A Good Resume For Your Career Transition

by Lexie Holmes
dream job

dream job

Did you know that 9 out of 10 people have already considered changing jobs or have already done so? Many of them prove that it is possible to change jobs.

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To convince employers of the merits of your new project, it is important to restructure your CV. The skills assessment stage will help you take stock of your assets.

How can you emphasize the benefits of your experience? How to clearly present your approach? Monster’s sample CV for career transition guides you step by step through this new life.

Present your project clearly dream job

When looking for a job to change careers, there is a risk of confusion for the employer because there is no coherence between the title of your resume and your experiences. For this reason, it is essential that you write a cover letter that clearly presents your career transition project. If the cover letter allows you to explain your approach in detail, it is also necessary to indicate it on the resume for a professional reconversion because it is the first element that recruiters look at. You can also mention it in the title, by writing for example “to put my experience of… to a position as… “.

Restructure your resume for a career change


dream job

If you have no experience that is relevant to your new career, your resume for a career transition should show your entire career path. Demonstrating the evolution of your career is a positive point for the recruiter and suggests that you will bounce back quickly in your new job.

It is then a matter of highlighting all the elements of these experiences that will be relevant to the new job you are aiming for. For example, if you were an accountant and you want to become a salesperson, highlight your mastery of budgets and estimates, and your ease with numbers, which can be powerful assets during negotiations.

However, some conversions require training. If you have gone back to school or if you are taking a training course, indicate this at the beginning of your CV for a professional retraining, and insist on the content.

If your extra-professional activities are related to your new career and if you have acquired skills in a self-taught manner, also put them forward and detail everything that can support your application.

Create headings on your CV to facilitate your career transition


dream job

Creating a resume requires work, it is not me who will teach you that. That’s why we are often content to send the same CV, even if we are looking for jobs in very different fields… It is difficult in this case to send a perfectly adapted application!

Ideally, the CV should therefore vary according to the field in which you are looking for. This is especially true in the case of a career transition: you cannot use your old consultant CV if you want to look for a position far from the Defense Department.

When creating your new retraining CV, you will have to think differently. Don’t fall back on the easy way out by just rewording your experiences! Unfortunately, this may not have the desired impact.

There is a very simple technique that is rarely used: adding an additional section that is not usually found on a “traditional” CV.

Here are two suggestions for headings, to be chosen according to the new position you are seeking and the elements you have available.

Personal / associative projects dream job

This section, which is quite different from the one devoted to your interests (which are also useful), will allow you to highlight all sorts of projects that have brought into play the skills required for the position you are seeking.

Associative experience during your studies, writing a book, volunteering in an association, humanitarian trip, creation of a website… everything that brought you knowledge and skills outside of school and professional settings will find a place of choice here, and will catch the recruiter’s eye.

This section is not only a way to bring credibility to the skills you have but that are outside the scope of your former positions, but also a way to easily distinguish yourself from your competitors’ CVs.

I recommend a simple presentation dream job

no dates necessarily, unless you have a long experience of more than a year ;
a short description, straight to the point and understandable by all;
the contributions of this experience (only if it brings added value to the position you are aiming for).
This information should be highlighted, and not at the same level as your hobbies and interests.

Functional skills

This is an often neglected or forgotten part, not to be confused with “technical skills” (unless you are a developer or system administrator, forget about “mastering Windows”).

Functional skills are what you know how to do from your past experiences. It can be project management, autonomy, mastery of a particular methodology or quick decision-making: the scope is wide, be creative if these elements are relevant in the context of the targeted position.

Tip: browse as many job offers as possible that are remotely similar to what you are looking for. You should quickly see a number of recurring skills and keywords in the various job descriptions. Then cross-reference them with the skills you know you have.

A word of caution though: be prepared to defend each of the skills you add in an interview, citing both personal and professional examples that prove these are skills you did not list lightly.

These two sections are a very practical way to prepare your CV for your career transition. If your past experiences were very different from the field you want to move into, they will definitely make a difference.

So, what do you think you should put on your resume? Leave us a comment to tell us! And see you next month for more tips!

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