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doordash careers: Find all informations about doordash jobs

by Lexie Holmes
doordash careers

doordash careers

DoorDash, which was founded in 2013, is on a mission to grow local economies and encourage new ways of working, earning and living. DoorDash is now the fastest-growing logistics company in the U.S. last-mile market, with a 250 percent year-over-year growth rate. DoorDash has distinguished itself by partnering with nearly 90% of the top 100 U.S. restaurant brands that offer on-demand delivery, and expanding to more than 3,300 cities in the U.S. and Canada.

Although it hasn’t perfected delivery, DoorDash has managed to establish itself as the U.S. market leader, surpassing incumbent Grubhub and global leader Uber Eats. DoorDash was responsible in 2020 for 45% of all food delivery orders, holding a double-digit advantage over all others.

To make this leap to the top position, DoorDash has aggressively expanded into markets, sometimes controversially adding restaurants to the platform before contacting them.

Uber attempted in 2019 to merge with DoorDash, but the two rivals failed to reach an agreement. DoorDash acquired Square’s food delivery service Caviar for $410 million a few months later, which can still be used.

DoorDash FAQ

doordash careers
Has DoorDash ever made a profit?

DoorDash has not made a profit, although losses have decreased by 30% from 2019 to 2020.

How many orders has DoorDash completed?

According to its company overview, DoorDash has completed over 900 million orders since its inception.

How many people work for DoorDash?

DoorDash has more than 1 million meal delivery staff.

What is the average order size at DoorDash?

The average DoorDash order is $37.28, only 20% of customers spent more than $50 (Rakuten).

What is the average wait time for a DoorDash order?

DoorDash’s average delivery time was 37 minutes in 2019 (DoorDash).

How many cities is DoorDash available in?

DoorDash is available in over 4,000 North American cities.

DoorDash Minimum Age

18 (How old do you have to be to work at DoorDash?)

Opening hours of DoorDash

Available 24 hours a day

Available positions at DoorDash

Dasher, Sales Development Representative

DoorDash Job Information

doordash careers

The DoorDash hiring process begins with filling out an online application. All employees must be 18 years or older, have a clean driving record, insurance and a valid driver’s license. Applicants must pass a background check, own a smartphone and have reliable transportation.

Delivery Driver – These entry-level workers, called “Dashers,” deliver food and goods from local businesses to customers. They have flexible hours and can work anytime via the DoorDash smartphone app. Hourly pay starts at $10, and employees keep their tips.

Business Development Representative – Detail-oriented workers with strong communication skills are perfect for this job at DoorDash. Employees identify and contact businesses that may use DoorDash through phone calls and emails. This position requires a degree, and the pay rate is between $18 and $22 per hour.

Tips for Applying

When completing a DoorDash job application, be willing to disclose your driving record. Drivers cannot have any major traffic violations in the past seven years, such as DUI, recklessness or driving under suspension. They can have only three or fewer minor incidents in three years, including accidents.

Application Status

The company conducts a background check on potential drivers once they apply online. All new hires must be approved, and most receive a response quickly. Contact is via email, so applicants should check their inboxes often. For full-time jobs, DoorDash will contact candidates to begin an interview process that will last several months.

The Benefits of Working at DoorDash

The chauffeurs are covered by auto insurance for any accidents that occur during deliveries. As an independent contractor, delivery drivers are not eligible for additional benefits or medical insurance. Full-time jobs at DoorDash offer competitive wages, 401(k) retirement plans, medical coverage and paid time off.

More information about jobs at DoorDash

New employees receive an online or in-person orientation and can purchase gear such as t-shirts or bags. Then, to get paid by DoorDash, they simply activate the app and accept an order. In some areas, workers can deliver using motorcycles, scooters and bicycles.

doordash careers

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